Big Belly BarBeQue will supply the following for xxx party guests, to be enjoyed as a memorable BarBeQue:

Roasted Pork, slow roasted, 18 hours on our wood smoker, starts aprox. Xx pounds of fresh pork shoulder, cooked on hickory and wild cherry, injected with spices and apple cider, and then mixed with a light coating of our own special sauces. This recipe has won awards as far south as Georgia!

Beef Brisket, our claim to fame! Award winning on the national level. (1st place) Hand selected for quality and aged to ensure a beefy – tender mouth watering brisket. Slow roasted on a blend of hardwoods with our special rub, a secret recipe from our friends in Texas, tuned up to Lake View’s Big Belly BarBeQue flavors.

Spare Ribs (pork), Finger licking good! We use a high quality St. Louise cut or baby back ribs. Slow roasted to perfection with our competition winning sauce lightly glazed to bring out the real wood enhanced pork.
Now we are talking …… BarBeQue!

Sirloin Tri-Tip, Award winning on the national level. Hand selected Angus for quality and aged to ensure a beefy & tender mouth watering juicy yet lean, Slo roasted on a blend of hardwoods with our special rub for a salty-peppery bark.

Prime Rib, Impress your guests! Black Angus aged bone in rib roast. Cooked on our special hi-heat (500*) smoker then hand carved for each guest. Wood used is oak and wild cherry. We also can finish on the charcoal grill.

Slo roasted Chicken, Fresh chicken halves (never frozen!) cooked on apple and cherry wood, for a nice light smoky taste with herbal seasoning for a moist and flavorful entree. Halves are sliced into qtrs.

Wood Roasted Turkey, smoked turkey breast, nice light apple wood smoke and herbs combine to produce a juicy, fat free sliced white meat.

Top Round, oak wood fired beef roast. Sliced thin to enjoy on a kummelweck roll or on the side as a main course.

Mac n Cheese, Our signature, award winning side! Elbow macaroni mixed with cream, cheddar-pepper jack-Swiss- Romano- parmesan- mozzarella blended with herbs and spices then softly warmed in our smoker, for a unique taste that only Big Belly BarBeQue can offer.

Salt Potatoes, Buttery and flavorful, onions, garlic and great blend of spices
will make you very happy.

Green Leaf salad, Chefs style salad, with Italian and a house ranch style dressing.

Baked beans, blended with onions, Jalapenos, bacon, brown sugar, maple syrup, spices, served hot.

Cole Slaw, prepared – blended with mayo / vinegar style

1xxx small sandwich rolls (xx dozen) Costanzo bakery

We also offer appetizer platers as follows:

Cajun n Jamaican blend grilled shrimp, tail on, spicy and flavorful charcoal grilled gulf shrimp, 5 pound platter approximately 100 shrimp, or 50 skewers of 4 shrimp each . (impress your guests)

Grilled veggie plater, 18” plater, serves approx. 100

Cheese n cracker plater, cubed cheeses, 18” plater, serves approx. 100

Brisket Burnt Ends, cubed brisket point, grilled n sauced, 6# platters

Pork Niblets, piggy burnt ends, grilled n sauced, 6# platters

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